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    • SkywarpMaster of Teleportation
    • MegatronNo, it`s just ME, Prime!
    • Mazinkaiser SKLFeel My Wrath
    • Starscream Megatron! I thought you were…!!
    • MegatronDo as I command!
    • Grimlock Battle SceneMe Grimlock Want to Munch Metal!
    • IronhideEliminating Decepticreeps!
    • Lets create Mutiny!Shanghai Comic Con Exclusive
    • JazzOptimus Prime`s second-in-command
    • Dark RapunzelWhat you see is not what you get
    • Nemesis PrimeThe Dark Clone of Optimus Prime
    • Autobots! Roll Out!The Legacy of Cybertron
    • I am Optimus PrimeLeader of the Autobots!
    • Raise Rodimus PrimeTill All Are One!
    • All Hail Starscream!Coronation on Throne
    • Commander of Autobot CityThe Arch Enemy of Galvatron
    • G1 Soundwave ChangeableRavage, Laserbeak, Frenzy, Deploy!
    • Aquaman 1:3 on ThroneKing of the Seas

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