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"Sentry Mode!"
(Avengers: Age of Ultron) Tony Stark ordering the Mark 43 to go on Sentry Mode.
The Mark 43 (Mark XLIII) is the forty-third Iron Man Armor created by Tony Stark and is the perfected version of, as well as the ultimate successor to, the Mark 42. The armor was created sometime before the Age of Ultron, and has been used by Tony in various battles and missions.

The armor was featured in Avengers: Age of Ultron, along with the Mark 44, Mark 45 and the Iron Legion Armor Drones.

The armor has thicker plating compared to its predecessor, Mark 42. The Mark 43 armor features only two colors: dark red and gold. The colors are painted on the plates of the armor and each have specific areas and designations on the armors' pieces. The Mark 43's color design is different from that of its predecessor, featuring more red plates than gold and the red having a darker hue.

Much like the Mark XLII, the MK XLIII has an autonomous prehensile function. A new feature that this armor has is Sentry Mode, which allows the armor to guard Tony while he is near it. Another feature is Infrared Scan, that allows Stark to see through walls.

J.A.R.V.I.S OS / AI: JARVIS is integrated into the armor to assist Stark when using the armor. J.A.R.V.I.S also manages the suit's condition and systems during use.
Later on in the movie (Age of Ultron) Tony Stark switches his A.I. to F.R.I.D.A.Y since J.A.R.V.I.S's operational matrix had been re-configured to be integrated into The Vision.

Armor Composition
The Mark 43 is composed of a Titanium-Gold alloy.

Super-Strength: The armor is a capable of tremendous strength, which enhances the power of it's users combat skills, and is capable of lifting heavy objects.

Super-Durability: Like all Iron Man Armors, the Mark 43 is highly durable. It is completely bullet-proof and is capable of withstanding powerful blasts, strikes and blows from enemies.

Flight: With it's propulsion system and flight stabilizers, the Mark 43 is capable of flight just like all other Iron Man Armors.

Prehensility: Based on the same technology of the Mark 42, the Mark 43's prehensile tech is the perfected version of the former. Like it's predecessor, the armor's pieces can attach itself to Stark through his command and completely envelop around him until the full Mark 43 is formed.

Repulsors: The Mark 43 is equipped with the latest version of the Iron Man Repulsor weapons.

Unibeam: The armor features powerful Unibeam, just like the rest of the Iron Man Armors. It is presumed to be powered by the armors own Vibranium Arc Reactor Mark II.

Missiles: The new iron man suit comes equipped with missiles capable of penetrating fortified structures. They also prove to be very effective against Ultron's pre-Vibranium body during their fight in South Africa.
Shoulder-Mounted Guns: The Mark 43 is also equipped with shoulder mounted guns.


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